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Cover songs recorded for fun!


After The Ravens I was fortunate to have played with many talented musicians in some good bands over the years.

Coats City Limits (2015)

After a long spell without working in a group I crossed paths with Coats City Limits when they were looking for a bass player and we hooked up. It is slowly coming together.

Links to some of the songs from our list are below.


Call me the Breeze

Can't You See


Day Tripper


I Saw Her Standing There

Last Dance with Mary Jane


Wounded Warrior Benefit
CCL played along 4 other bands at a benefit Sunday 5-24-15 for Wounded Warriors.
Below are video clips of some songs CCL played.


For What it's Worth

Sushine of Your Love

I'm a Man





33 1/3 (1999-2000)

This North Carolina band was named after the record speed of a standard LP because everything we did was originally recorded on vinyl!

Chris Abernathy - harmonica, vocals
Phil Hausman - rhythm guitar
Jeff Brown - lead guitar
Mike Palmer - drums
John Anthony - bass, vocals

You Win Again: by Chris Abernathy

Money Money Money: by John Anthony


Trilogy (1987)

This Connecticut band was mainly a recording band. We got together in a small recording studio built in an old detached garage behind our home. It was a real treat for me, playing in a group with my son Jason on drums.

Fred Wurtz - lead guitar, vocals
Jason Anthony - drums
John Anthony - bass, vocals

Sunday Mornin': by Fred Wurtz

I like Rock and Roll: by John Anthony


Starfyre (1979-1981)

Barry Roma and George D'Aiuto who also played with the Ravens were in this 5-man Connecticut based wedding band.

George D'Aiuto - rhythm guitar, vocals
Barry Roma - lead guitar, voacals
John Burke - keyboards, vocals
Mack Henriques - drums
John Anthony - bass, vocals

You are Winter: by George D'Aiuto

Love is the Reason: by John Anthony

Just to Let You Know: by Barry Roma

Wisdom: by George D'Aiuto

True Love: by John Anthony

Gimme Your Love: by George D'Aiuto


Roadhouse (1978)

This band was formed from members of the Ravens II band with Frank Parylak on drums.

Neil Ruscoe - keyboards, lead guitar, vocals
Barry Roma - lead guitar, vocals
Frank Parylak - drums, vocals
John Anthony - bass, vocals

Special Friend: by Frank Parilak

Ain't Gonna Worry: by John Anthony


Savas (1971)

I was stationed with the U.S. Air Force near the Amberley RAF base in Ipswich, Australia from December 1969 to December 1971. In my free time I played music and managed to hook up with three great Aussies in a band called Savas.

Sammy Vergotis - lead guitar, vocals
Brian Ruhl - bass guitar, vocals
Gary Brown - drums
John Anthony - rhythm guitar, vocals

We played a lot of gigs around the nearby port city of Brisbane, including Lennon's Pacesetters Hotel that had served as HQ for General MacArthur during the war in the Pacific.

I had a lot fun working with these guys 'down under' which was a great place to be as Americans were warmly welcomed!

We were good and because I was a "Yank' as they called Americans we got good visibility and some free Press.

Click here to see a few photos of how we looked back then!

Fast Forward 46 years
I had thought often about the guys in the band but never thought any of our paths would cross again. Fortunately surprises never end!

46 years after leaving Australia I got an email from Sammy who somehow found this web site!! I replied right away and then got email from Gary, actually from Denise, Gary's wife who deals with PCs and the like.

In catching up on what had happened in all of our lives since 1971 I found out that there was a recording of Savas!

Gary wanted to preserve memories of Savas and about a week before I left Australia in December of 1971, Gary recorded us playing on a reel to reel tape recorder in the garage of Sam's parent house where we used to practice. I had totally forgotten about this. I am so glad Gary had the foresight to do this!

Many years later, after the CD was invented, Gary wanted to transfer the songs to a CD. A friend of his had the equipment to do it and the CD was made.

Through Denise's diligent and tireless efforts a number of songs were uploaded directly from the CD to the web site.

She kindly mailed me a copy of the CD from which I was able to get the rest of the songs uploaded. Not by ripping which I could get nowhere with, but by resorting to some engineering tricks which let me do it another way.

It is beyond fun to hear the band again after so many many years!

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